Luce & Gas Cocktail Bar in Turin

luce & gasIf you go to Turin and you want to find a place where to enjoy a different evening, then choose the Luce & Gas Pizza & Cocktail Bar.

Located in the center, in Via IV Marzo 12/C, the place is opened everyday, so you can’t miss it or get confused about the day when it’s closed.

That’s basically perfect for all the tourists who are in town during the week or on weekend, since they can always have the chance to try this very nice place.

You will be able to enjoy a great dinner having a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, surrounded by warm and harmonious colors. Taste the traditional Italian specialties or the international cuisine while sipping a cocktail or some very special wine. You will find a paradise for your mouth, and you will have the feeling of being in some exotic places, because of the design of the restaurant.

If you prefer ejoying a cocktail with friends instead of the dinner, the cocktail bar welcomes you with a Buddha statue all decorated with pink flowers, recalling the color of the curtains. And all the lights around are in perfect armony with the rest of the place, in order to let the clients feel like home.

What else could you ask for? Oh, yes, a very close car park, since in the heart of Turin is usually difficult to find a spot at night. The parking “Santo Stefano”, in front of the Porte Palatine is the best and safe place where to leave your car.

It’s very close to the bar and you will have the chance to see on the best areas of the city by night.┬áThe Roman ruins, in fact, are a must see thing in Turin.

Luce & Gas Cocktail Bar

Via IV Marzo 12/C


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