Cappuccino and books: the new breakfast in Turin

Instead of having the same breakfast over and over again, why don’t you try a new and cool way to have it?

I am talking about enjoy your cappuccino and croissant while reading a book, sitted in a nice but tiny bar in Turin.

Located 5 minutes from Piazza Statuto, one of the main squares in the center of the city, the bar offers a brilliant alternative to the ordinary breakfast, giving the chance to have a personal library, where clients can easily take one book by leaving one.

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How Italians celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you are wondering how Italians spent their St. Valentine’s Day, this post can satisfy your curiosity. Don’t envy them, by the way!

First of all, I really think it is just an excuse for restaurants to raise up prices, trying to get them higher just because it’s the lovers day. Come on, that’s not right: I mean, it’s ok to celebrate and have dinner out, but at the same price as always.

It looks like people who are in love don’t care, they just want to impress their lover and don’t care about the wallet.

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How to dress up in Italy during winter

Finally it snowed in Italy, at least in the Northern. So, if you are packing to go there for the holidays, keep in mind that the weather can be really cold, especially at night.

So, even if you want to be the queen of the party, or you want to look great while clubbing or sipping an aperitivo with friends, just keep in mind that a pair of jeans, maybe the dark one, having some sparkling strass on it, is very popular in the country.

If you want to dress up with skirts, then wear them with some light sweaters, or some wrinkle-resistant button-down shirts or some black or brown blouses. In fact, those are the most used colors not only during the Fall-Winter season 2012, but also in these early months of the year.

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Wednesday night in Turin is CENTRALINO night!

On Wednesdays the meeting point in Turin is the disco “Centralino”, located in the center, in Via delle Rosine. It is very easy to get there, since you can take one of the buses going to Via Po. The disco, which previously was only opened for gays and lesbians, has been transformed in an ordinary disco place, and on Wednesdays there is always the Erasmus party.

Free entry, Erasmus students who attend the event weekly, good music, cheap drinks and fun until 5 am. Every week there is a specific theme, according to the period of the year (such as Halloween, for example). People who go there with the right dress code, win some prices, as free drinks and gadgets, and the luckiest one can also win a trip in an European capital. How does it sound?

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