Turin around Christmas time

turinFinally it snowed in Turin and the great cold is come so quickly. If you are planning to visit the city in January, this is definitely the right period of the time.

All around the center, especially in the main squares, such as Piazza San Carlo, Piazza Solferino and Piazza Castello, there are still the Christmas open market, having all the seasonal food and beverages, souvenirs and, of course, Christmas staff.

Feel free to shop and sneak around, finding something interesting for sure.

Keep in mind to wear warm clothes, such as hats, scarves and gloves, because the weather can be really cold and spending all day outside may not be the right solution.

The temperature can easily go under zero, reaching the -3° in those days, so be prepared to that kind of cold and don’t be surprised if you get a cold.

You will definitely find some ideas for presents, since there are so many nice and pretty things in those markets and you would never know what you can find, even by chance.

While you are walking around, if you want to go somewhere to eat or drink while shopping, the best places and definitely the one where you can taste something Italian.

Forget about fast food such as McDonald’s (which is in Piazza Castello) and if you want to eat that kind of food, enjoy some Italian burgers. They are less fat and delicious.

One of the best restaurants where to go is Eataly in Piazza Solferino, near the center. Fresh burgers and tasty fries are waiting for you.

And don’t forget to taste some good wine: go to one of the winehouses along Via Po and order one of the glass of some Piedmontese wines, maybe enjoying a so-called aperitivo, happy hour.

Buon appetito and don’t spend all your money in shopping.

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